People move to New Zealand from all over the world. New Zealand has a temperate climate and wonderful nature that attracts people to move here. Ikkuonline provide the following services to our clients.

Moving household items


Before moving to New Zealand, you must know about the unique regulations. If you don’t have a New Zealand or Australian passport, then you need a visa to live in New Zealand. Your belongings must be cleared through the Customs and Quarantine services. This is done to protect the country against any diseases or contaminations. We help you deal with all these and successfully move your household items to New Zealand.

Moving car


There are many rules to import cars and other motor vehicles as well. Like the household items, it needs to be clean with the Customs and the Quarantine service as well. Before importing your vehicle make sure that your vehicle is allowed in New Zealand. After your car arrives in New Zealand, it must meet all the road safety standards. It is necessary to register the car as well. We take care of the entire process for you.

Packing your items


As your property is going to be on the road for a while, it is better to hire a professional company for the job. We regularly pack items for our customers. We use the best materials to make sure that the goods arrive safely. We take extra care of the precious and fragile items.

Temporary storage solutions


We have secure store facilities for your storage requirements. When you arrive in New Zealand, you may need some time to look for a new home. We have security monitoring system in our warehouse, so your items remain safe in there.

These services help people to move to New Zealand comfortably with their belongings. With our help, you can ensure that nothing happens to your belongings.