Future Friendly | Ikku

Ikku® products are designed and manufactured using future-friendly techniques and materials, with the aim to minimise our impact on the environment. Recycled denim, organic cotton, vegetable tanned leather and timeless and zero-waste designs all make for a longer lasting durable product. Protect the world, protect the life you create.


The Black & Blue collection combines a 13 oz. deep dark blue organic cotton denim with a premium Italian leather that’s vegetable tanned in either blue or black.
Leather and denim are remarkably timeless and durable. They both age beautifully as well. Combining the two fabrics creates a subtle block of colours and materials, complementing every wardrobe. All perfect for our aim to make design that lasts.

The Burma Collection arised while travelling in Burma. We were drawn into this small weavery by bright coloured patterns. The pride and craftmanship the Burmese weavers put into their work were so impressive, that we decided to use these fabrics for this special collection. The ethnic Burmese fabrics are combined with clean recycled denim and recycled cotton canvas fabrics.

The Original Collection was Ikku’s first. It consisted of iPhone cases and MacBook sleeves made of organic cotton and recycled denim, in the colours dark deep blue, original indigo blue and soft cloudy grey. The dark deep blue sleeves will remain available as a classic (back in stock soon). 

Our recycled denim is recycled from old jeans and waste from spinning, weaving and cutting in factories.

25% of all insecticides used worldwide, are used for growing cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals. Better for the environment and for all the people working with the materials in the process. Additional bonus: the fiber is not weakened by the chemicals, which makes organic cotton stronger than regular cotton.

The main difference between vegetable tanned leather versus chemical tanned leather is the source of the color. Vegetable tanning uses ingredients from vegetable matter, such as tree bark, which gives the leather a more subtle color. This is the most future friendly way of tanning, and the most traditional. Easily recognisable, as this way of tanning shows the unique characteristics of leather best.

In zero-waste production, everyone involved is more likely to be aware of the impact on the planet. We certainly are. All the factories we work with are in compliance with the Fair Labor Association standards. 

Our love for clean design resulted in timeless design. Only sustainable and high quality materials could match up. Therefore, our sleeves are produced to be durable and designed to last the test of time.

All the excess fabric from cutting the larger items is used for the smaller ones.

Our ideal is to make Ikku as future-friendly as possible. We are continuously searching for innovative materials and processes that will not only last the test of time but also reduce the impact on the environment. These materials come from all over the world so it is our goal to also reduce the carbon footprint created during transportation.